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Medicaid Redetermination

Medicaid redetermination flyer-1.jpg

By next spring 2.3 million New Jersey residents will have eligibility reviews to determine if they still qualify for NJ Family Care (you might know this program as “Medicaid”). 


Those persons covered by this health insurance plan will receive an eligibility packet in the mail (some have already received them) and need to complete the questions within 30 days of the time that they receive the packet. 

Those who do not complete the packet will lose their healthcare coverage. As of October, the Dept. of Human Services tells us that thousands of New Jerseyans have not completed their renewal process.  

Many people are overwhelmed by the packet, while others think this is just junk mail. We need your assistance to get the word out - this re-enrollment is essential for all recipients to continue their coverage.

During COVID, all enrollees of NJ Family Care were able to maintain their coverage without the state’s annual eligibility reviews. But now NJ has resumed these annual reviews.  

Please pass the word to your faith community that when people receive this packet, they should not put it aside; they must complete it ASAP!  


Free help is available, call

(888) 654-3893.  

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