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Faith in Action

Housing Development

Welcoming Our Neighbors

Watch our latest video about the complex and deeply important topic of affordable housing in New Jersey. Hear advocates, community members, and leaders speak on how we can better our communities for everyone. Watch here. Download the accompanying discussion guide here.

On Our Radar


As Christians, it’s important for us to talk about the difference between our Christian faith and Christian Nationalism. Christian Nationalism is a distortion of the Christian faith, not a representation of it. As the Christians Against Christian Nationalism statement says, "Whether we worship at a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, America has no second-class faiths. All are equal under the U.S. Constitution."

You can learn more at the Christians Against Christian Nationalism website and can sign their statement here

Click here for more resources for preachers and congregations prepared by Faithful America.

Watch Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton deliver a statement condemning Christian Nationalism.

ELCA Social Message on Gun-Related Violence and Trauma 

The ELCA is currently working on creating a social message about gun-related violence and trauma. Social messages are ELCA teaching documents that draw from existing social teaching but throw a fuller and sharper spotlight on a particular social issue. The draft’s themes focus on trauma, public health, and an ethic of shared responsibility for peacemaking, seeking to move beyond the strict polarization of gun rights vs. gun control. 

Read a draft of the social

message here.

A Synod-wide online discussion will be held on November 20th at 7pm. Register here.

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