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Advocacy Summer School Class Recordings

July 12: What is Advocacy?

7:51- 20:15: Advocacy Tools for Loving Your Neighbor, ELCA Webinar + Discussion

20:15-29:40 : Overview of Lutheran advocacy

29:40-42:12 :How LEAMNJ functions + our issue priorities

42:12-52:41 : Advocacy as a faith practice

52:41-1:02:19 : Role of the church in advocacy

July 19: Practical Advocacy For Individuals

6:22-8:30: Introduction

8:30-21:28: Joseph R. Campbell Ted Talk - Step In, Step Back, Step Up

21:28-35:51: How to Talk to Cynics (including your own inner cynic!)

35:51-41:34: How to Call your Representative

41:34-51:42: Emailing Your Representative

51:42-56:23: Social Media Advocacy

56:23-1:01:38: Legislative Resources

1:01:38-1:05:54: How to Have Conversations with People who Disagree with You

July 28: Practical Advocacy For Congregations

August 9: New Jersey Civics

August 16: Advocacy Research Guide

August 23: Voters' Guide

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