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There are five reasons why you may wish to consider hosting a public gathering:

1 A well-organized rally can attract media attention. This attention can educate the public about your point-of-view, indirectly pressures public officials and increases the name identification of your group. This, in turn, enhances your ability to acquire media attention in the future.

2 A gathering shows the public that a substantial number of their fellow citizens, and the faith community care strongly about a particular issue. You'll sway many people to your view just by pointing out, or implicitly making it appear that your view is more just.

3 Rallies are great public witness. By organizing such an event, others will be alerted to your congregation existence and will seek you out to volunteer for your next project.

4 A gathering increases the morale of your group. By working together on a successful event, you will grow in community and increase the likelihood that they will want to work together on future projects.

5 Sharing your faith in public through gatherings with signs, songs, and like minded people, you are helping to share your understanding of God’s justice.

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Public Gatherings

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