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A personal visit with your Representative or Congressperson, can be exciting and rewarding, as well as anxiety producing. The following are some steps and tips to make such a visit most effective and to make the best use of time—yours and your legislator’s.

Before Your Visit: Please let LEAMNJ know about the visit; we will be glad to go with you or provide other support.

Our state legislators have offices in their home districts, close by to your home and congregation. (Only legislative leaders have offices in Trenton). Appointments with legislative aides are also valuable; their job is to share what they learn with the legislator and is well respected by their boss.

Get to know your legislator: LEAMNJ can help you find information to help you get to know him/her. You may want to know about…General map of the district, Committee assignments, Number of terms served, Professional background, Voting record on issues of your interest, and Views stated publicly on issues of your interest. Check out the legislators web page for some of this information.

Define the objective of your visit: Is your objective to get acquainted and express general views or is it to discuss a specific issue or issues? Either is acceptable! Spend time just getting to know your legislator is always helpful because you will be back when the need arises! But remember to limit the number of issues that you want to be discussed. Briefly outline your comments or prepare written summary and send a thank you note after the visit.

Thank your elected official for their service and time.  After your visit, please be sure to send him/her a thank you note.

Visit your Representative or Congressperson

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